Direct Mail Services

An effective Direct Mail campaign has multiple moving parts working together for success. Managing all aspects of a campaign effectively and in a timely manner can take a considerable amount of time and effort. From start to finish, our partners develops and run Direct Mail Campaign with success. For over 30 years, the professionals working for Meris Mail have been running local and global Direct Response programs and advising the best setups, books, slimming and food supplements and self-improvement courses for all our clients.

Advertising materials (brochures, flyers or printed piece) are sent to large numbers of potential customers advertising a product or a service and soliciting orders through the postal boxes. Specific groups of customers can be targeted.

We have a wide range of unique books, self-improvement courses, slimming and food supplements and researches prepared for every customer. All the marketing products are exclusive and delivered as a full package that is fully and exclusively created for Meris Mail.

Meris Mail consulting services includes the designing and creating of marketing and advertising pieces, self-improvement courses, books, slimming and food supplements, coordinating fulfillment, lettershop and printing services, media-agency, database management, lists rent and much more. Meris Mail can also provide several professional consulting services to help you to open, develop and expand your business to new markets

Our special products are also exclusive and created only for Meris Mail.

Digital Marketing Services

Whether starting from scratch or looking to expand online presence it’s essential that each and every channel of any internet marketing plan are closely aligned and all strategically working towards the same final goal.

We have been developing online campaigns worldwide.

Database Management Services

Database Marketing: Design, Management and Processing of Databases from coupons/leads, listing or orders. Meris Mail has a vast Database with about 500.000 records, segmented by several criteria and assured by IBM AS-400.