Who We Are

Meris Mail Limited is a leading mail order provider of books, personalized courses of self-improvement and other healthy products that are designed to inspire, enlighten and energize the world around us.
Our company is dedicated to create quality products and services that empower our users and enable them to build better lives and dream bigger dreams.
Ranging from simple self-help strategies to a wide range of products like books, self-improvement courses, slimming and food supplements. We've created a unique business structure that identifies and creates profitable offers while staying focused on our customers’ needs. As a result, those customers stay happy…

Meris Mail Limited is present in several European, South American and Asian Markets.

Why Choose Meris Mail

Meris Mail is a unique company as well as our customers. That’s why we start every customer’s relationship simply by getting to know each customer individually. By understanding what makes this relationship unique, we are empowered to be a true partner who keeps a focus on objectives from concept to implementation.
Meris Mail also provides direct mail and digital marketing needs B2B with top quality and expertise with a team that has more than 30 years of experience on Direct Mail.
Meris Mail consulting service includes the designing and creating of marketing and advertising pieces, self-improvement courses, books, slimming and food supplements, coordinating fulfillment, lettershop services, media-agency, database management and much more. Meris Mail can also provide several professional consulting services to help you to open, develop and expand your business to new markets.

In summary, Meris Mail objective is to enlighten and energize our customers and to make direct mail marketing and digital marketing as easy and effective as possible always thinking in customers’ needs.